Medosweet Partner LongTail Acai Introduces Product to Corporate Cafeteria in Seattle

Seattle Seattle, WA – July 21, 2023 

LongTail Acai, a pioneering brand owned by two cousins hailing from the vibrant City of Belém in the heart of the Amazon, is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with Medosweet Farms, the esteemed distributor of LongTail Acai products in the state of Washington. Together, they are proud to unveil the approval of LongTail Acai to be served at the Apple Corporate cafeteria in Seattle, located at 333 Dexter Ave N. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both companies, highlighting their dedication to promoting healthy eating habits and providing Apple’s diligent employees with access to the freshest, most authentic organic açaí. 

Deeply rooted in their Amazonian heritage, the founders of LongTail Acai, born and raised in Belém in the Amazon, have embraced their ancestral traditions and values in creating their premium acai products. LongTail Acai prides itself on sourcing only the freshest organic wild berries from the Amazon rainforest, directly from local natives who handpick the berries themselves. By establishing direct relationships with these indigenous communities, LongTail Acai supports sustainable practices while ensuring the purest and most authentic taste of the Amazon is delivered to consumers. 

The Apple Corporate cafeteria in Seattle serves as an integral gathering place for the dedicated employees of this innovative company. With a workforce of 800 plus individuals, LongTail Acai is honored to introduce their delectable acai offerings to nourish the well-being of these diligent professionals. Renowned for their rich antioxidant properties, essential nutrients, and energizing qualities, LongTail Acai products offer a delightful and health-conscious meal option for those seeking to embrace a refreshing and organic lifestyle. 

LongTail Acai’s partnership with Medosweet Farms underscores their mutual commitment to supporting local businesses and sustainable agriculture in Washington State. As the esteemed distributor of LongTail Acai products, Medosweet Farms shares the vision of providing organic, healthy, and sustainable food options to individuals and communities. Together, they strive to make a positive impact on the local food ecosystem, empowering consumers to make informed choices about their dietary habits. 

The Apple Corporate cafeteria features a state-of-the-art kitchen facility that upholds the highest food safety standards. With this well-equipped kitchen, LongTail Acai ensures that each meal served reflects their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience for Apple employees.

LongTail Acai is truly honored to have been chosen as a culinary partner for the Apple Corporate cafeteria in Seattle. This opportunity further solidifies our commitment to promoting healthy eating, offering organic products, and delivering unparalleled taste experiences. We look forward to serving the Apple community and contributing to their overall well-being through our delectable acai offerings. 

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About LongTail Acai: 

LongTail Acai is a pioneering brand owned by two cousins from Belém, the vibrant City in the heart of the Amazon. They are dedicated to delivering premium organic acai products, sourcing only the freshest wild berries handpicked by local natives in the Amazon rainforest. LongTail Acai is committed to promoting healthy eating habits and offering organic products that showcase the rich flavors and nutritional benefits of the Amazon. For more information, please visit 

About Medosweet Farms: 

Medosweet Farms is the esteemed distributor of LongTail Acai products in Washington State. Committed to supporting local businesses and sustainable agriculture, Medosweet Farms plays a vital role in delivering high-quality organic products to consumers while fostering community partnerships. For more information, please visit 

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