Important Information

Medosweet’s Coronavirus Safety Plan and Order Minimums

Please click below to view Medosweet’s Coronavirus Safety plan and contact us if you have any additional questions.

As we slowly transition to our new day-to-day operations, your business may be changing and we want to help as best as we can. Below are some common responses you could adopt into your café or restaurant if you have not already:

Have sanitizer available to employees and customers, leave more room between tables, clean regularly, have masks and gloves available for employees, limit table tops size to four people, and limit your hours of operation.

Make it clear that you’re putting your customers’ and staff’s health as your top priority!

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus on many of our customers, we have temporarily suspended our order minimums. This applies to our customers serviced from both our distributions centers. We’ll notify you when they will resume. We appreciate your business.

Medosweet Farms Teams with Local Food Vendors to Help Feed Families

2 men and a Medowsweet truck

Medosweet is proud that in uncertain times, we can reach out and support our community. During the month of May, Medosweet donated and handed out food to our local families.

Please see the entire South Sound article below.


We make ordering and storing your product easy and efficient – saving you time & money.

  • We put your product away & rotate the older product to the front
  • We offer easy online ordering using our customized order guides
  • Our professional purchasing team can create value by sourcing your products
  • We offer you flexible and convenient delivery service to meet your needs

We've got you covered


We distribute sustainable, locally-sourced fresh and frozen dairy products and other fine food products from our refrigerated warehouse facilities in Kent, WA and Portland, OR. We proudly service customers from the Canadian border to Eugene, Oregon.


We've expanded beyond our traditional commodity dairy categories of milk, eggs, cheese and ice cream to include more specialty, organic, and premium local products!


Since 1975 Medosweet has provided full service distribution of sustainable, locally sourced fresh and frozen dairy products to food service businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our product offerings have expanded to include items such as the premium line of Kabobs hors d' oeuvres, Ivar's premium chowders, Meritage locally handcrafted soups and Ellenos Yogurt - the locally handcrafted Greek style yogurt that has taken Seattle by storm!


Medosweet offers Bakers, Chefs, Baristas and other foodservice professionals a full range of fresh, locally sourced dairy products that many renowned restaurants, coffee shops, stores and institutions rely on!


“From their office, to their service and the quality of their dairy products, Medosweet has provided us with a partnership we are grateful for. The standard of quality they have served us with over the years is what any business standard should be. Long live Medosweet!”

Thierry Rautureau The Chef In The Hat ™ Rover’s / LUC Seattle, WA