Title: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Department: Customer Service

Reports to: Customer Service Manager

Job summary:
Medosweet Farms Customer Service Department is a key daily contact point for our customers and is a vital information hub for the companies’ sales, purchasing and delivery efforts. The Customer Service Representative position will be responsible for assisting the execution of a plan of regular customer contact, focused on obtaining customer orders, input and data for Medosweet Farms.

Key responsibilities:

1. Customer Order Management
a. Make certain that customer order data is collected, entered and communicated to the warehouse staff, night loaders and drivers in a timely and accurate manner.
b. Assist in directing the process of transferring order data from AFS to the DSD program in a timely and accurate manner. (If applicable)

2. Customer Communications and Interaction
a. Ensure that each customer interaction with the Customer Service Department reflects the goals, standards and vision statement authorized by Medosweet Farms ownership and management.
b. Monitor and communicate daily customer requests for product “specials” to the Customer Service Manager and Delivery Supervisor.
c. Provide customer product and service feedback to the Purchasing, Delivery and Sales and Marketing departments to ensure continuous improvement in the product and services offered by Medosweet Farms.
d. Assist the Sales and Marketing department in generating additional sales revenue by communicating sales promotions and incentives to our customers.
e. Assist customers in creating and maintaining online ordering accounts.

3. Customer Records Management
a. Maintain and update customer data and records as necessary pertaining to online ordering.

4. Customer Service and Sales Support Activities:
a. Support Sales and Marketing, Purchasing and other Medosweet Farms departments with special projects, as directed.

Minimum requirements:

Previous experience and skill set developed in a customer focused environment highly desired. The Customer Service Representative should be familiar with Microsoft Office applications and have strong phone and computer skills and experience in a variety of order entry applications.

Abilities required:

  • Proficiency with Keyboard and other office equipment.
  • Knowledgeable in Word, Excel, and Microsoft Outlook